The startup community in India is booming.

Don't just read about it - be part of the global movement.

Apply your business knowledge and understanding to a whole new market. All Global Entrepreneur projects have been created by startups overseas partnering with AIESEC to enable young people from across the world to empower new ventures.

  • Project Coordination
    We will help place you in our partner start-ups that are looking for independent and entrepreneurial thinkers who are ready to get things done. When a company is still in its early growth stages, there isn't always lot of things set in stone. These local new businesses are seeking young people who are open to learning and trying new things to help grow their organisation.

  • Individual Leadership Development Learning Program
    We offer tailored support to help you make the most of your experience from beginning to end. You will have an individual learning partner both from AIESEC in Australia and from AIESEC in India. They will be part of your support network as we provide you with a self-driven experience where you will undoubtedly face challenges, but still have the freedom to explore, fail and learn. 

  • Logistics Support
    We provide assistance with VISA, airport pickup and departure, assistance with accommodation (either included or provided with a small additional fee), assistance with transport and basic necessities. Local members from AIESEC in India will act as your insider guide to help you get settled into your new environment.

  • Virtual & Physical Education Workshops and Resources
    We host preparation spaces so that you have the information to get ready not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally for the journey ahead. This includes things like packing tips, dealing with culture shock, and personal goal setting to help you stay focused.

  • Duration: 6-12 weeks (depending on the particular project)
  • Base cost: $950 (equivalent to less than $200/week)


  • 18-30 years old
  • Interest in startups/startup-environment
  • Native to Excellent English

  • [Preferred] Current undergraduates or recently graduated students
  • [Preferred] Business/Commerce backgrounds (Basic business understanding required)
  • Existing relevant work experience is a plus

"Being in a startup environment has been a great learning experience for me..."

The office is filled with a whole bunch of really diverse people, whether other international interns or more experienced local tech employees. Watching them work has given me insights into how different cultures think differently and also has allowed me to sit with them and slowly learn new skills. Also the flexibility of the office allows me and the other interns to really impact the way that the business operates, whether through establishing new strategies or giving our input into ideas.

The other incredible thing about this exchange is the opportunity to explore India. Every weekend is a new adventure, journeying into a different region of India and experiencing the culture, foods and traditions of various regions all over the country. India is incredibly beautiful and diverse, and over the course of a month, I experienced everything from climbing mountains to camel riding in deserts, being lost in bustling markets to hours taking photos in ancient palaces and tombs."
HENRY CHIU, 20, sydney
Exchange to Delhi, India