Situated at the heart of the China sea, Taiwan stands as a thriving hub for adventure and greenery. The small island nation is abundant in natural resources and a member of the East Asian Tigers with its quick growing economy. Taiwanese culture is rather diversified with food as a major aspect, and some of the warmest people in the world. Going on exchange in Taiwan will be an incredible experience filled of fantastic food, people and sights.

How It Works

Connect With A Project

If you find a project you love, create a profile and connect directly with AIESEC representatives abroad to determine if you'd be a good fit.

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Receive personalised support from your local AIESEC consultant who will be there throughout your journey. Attend our preparation spaces and sort out flights, visa and logistics.

Have An Impactful Experience

Pack your bags, open your mind and get ready to challenge yourself to be uncomfortable. Discover your world and most importantly, yourself.

"My six weeks in Taiwan was short-lived but I will never forget the experience I had."
"Before my exchange, I had always been babied by my family and given everything I wanted. I always wondered “What about me?” Could I really be someone who could make an impact? My project involved me setting up a one-week camp for orphans at an orphanage whilst living with them and after the camp was done, to teach them English from day to day. Hearing them saying thank you and crying as I was leaving really was the storm that hit me. Not only did I make an impact at the orphanage that I taught at, I was able to re-invent myself and become a stronger person. Just like seeds I was planted at the orphanage and saw not only the kids grow but myself growing alongside them. Even though I was sad to leave, I realised that the kids I’ve taught will continue to grow to accomplish their dreams no matter how long it takes."

Joel Cueno

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Kaohshiung, Taiwan

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