With a tropical climate that lasts all year round Indonesia is the perfect destination to explore. Each one of its more than 17,000 islands have its own unique culture. Experience the cultural diversity of Indonesia by immersing yourself into the local lifestyle and contribute to reduce inequalities in Indonesian society. An exchange experience in Indonesia will expose you to the sights, sounds, food and people of a thousand cultures

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"Indonesian people are so friendly and I learnt so many interesting things about Indonesian culture."
“I was completely blown away by how Indonesian people lived such a minimalist lifestyle with very little but seemed to be so grateful and happy with everything they had. I had many conversations of people telling me that they didn’t mind what their income was, as they felt blessed to have such a beautiful family and wonderful friends and I found this really encouraging. After being raised in a society telling us that we constantly need more, I haven’t come across many people who are this at peace in their lives and I will never forget their stories. I definitely see the world in a new light since returning home. It’s not just that I have a new appreciation for the wealth that I have in Australia; I have really changed the way that I look at people and have more empathy and compassion for people who are different from me. After listening to so many people’s stories, I feel that I am a much better listener!”

Lisa Inglis

Volunteered In 
Malang, Indonesia

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