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Our People

National Office

Monica Luo

Chief Executive Officer

Jingyi Tai

Chief Financial Officer

Layli Nadhifah

National Partnerships Director

Helen Chan

National Digital Experience Director

Valentina Fernandes

Head of People & Culture

Louise Kim

Head of Product Innovation

Josh Solomonsz

Head of Customer Experience
for Outgoing Exchange

Cristian Penaranda

Head of Customer Experience for Incoming Exchange

Local Offices

Maggie Chen

Australian National University

Joel Cueno

Macquarie University

Phillip Ta

University of New South Wales

Tracey He

University of Sydney

Massimo Bedoya

University of Technology, Sydney

Dharann Moganaraju

Monash University


Stephanie Lam

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Sharleen Lay

University of Melbourne

Ziyan Shafeeu

Curtin University

Peter Dao

University of Western Australia

Ellika Cabreros

Queensland University of Technology

Nicolette Nguyen

 University of Queensland

Tony Zhou

University of Adelaide