AIESEC in Australia
National Conferences

Biannually, we connect and engage prominent young leaders from across our national network in a conference space to discuss issues surrounding youth leadership and our role within that.

We aim to create a collaborative space for our diverse members to engage in the conference’s objectives.

New and old members from AIESEC in Australia

Present in 13 major
Australian universities

Various academic
and cultural backgrounds

Discussing topics of leadership, world issues and empowering others

Past Conference Testimonials

Being at national conference was when I got the chance to connect and share one amazing experience with young people from all around Australia.

Some of them I'd never met before and were from completely different states but through our shared passion and sense of affinity with AIESEC and what we do, it hardly took long for us to forge a friendship that would transcend distance.

Purposeful discussion by day and friendly banter & shenanigans by night over 5 unforgettable days- the conference experience is truly one not to miss!!

-Naomi Dang

See NEWCON 2017

Past Conference Testimonials

Conferences have been the highlight of my AIESEC experience. Each time, I get the chance to interact with youth from all around Australia, and be challenged in ways I normally would never would.

Being able to come together with like-minded individuals of all backgrounds, to strive for something we are so passionate about, is an experience I'll never forget, and something I'm honoured to be a part of.

The memories and friends I've made through conferences, have been some of the best. Each and every conference experience has been unforgettable, and I know I would've regretted if I hadn't attended!

-Adithya Mani

See NEWCON 2017

Past Conference Testimonials

National Conference is an experience unlike any other event that I have experienced in my AIESEC journey.

The environment created by bringing hundreds of young leaders from all around Australia into one place is inspiring. With everyone working together to accomplish one thing, it made me think that I could really make an impact and change the society that we live in.

But conference is not just the environment. For me, the highlight of the conference was meeting so many different people from around the country and making lifelong friends. The memories made at conference, from the intense sessions, to the nighttime fun, are things that will last a lifetime.

-Henry Chiu

See NEWCON 2017

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