Global Talent for your organisation

End-to-end business solutions, sourcing international trainees to allow your company to stay competitive and globally minded.

About Global Talent

Global Talent is AIESEC’s premiere talent sourcing product for leading organisations, and one of the best ways in which we bring value-based leadership to the world.

The program brings in youth leadership, innovation, global perspectives, and functional expertise to provide organisations with a competitive edge when it comes to talent and leadership pipeline.

Benefits for your company

Hire with Ease
With us, cross-borders sourcing becomes as easy as recruiting talent in your local market. We customise our recruitment process to make it easy for you to hire global talent.
Talent Acquisition
Behind every successful company that innovates is a diverse global workforce. Bring trainees from all around the world to ensure global input in your business operations. Infuse your business with fresh perspective from Millennials around the world.
Stay Competitive
Stay dynamic by bringing in profiles aligned to what the market needs and demands; minimise the skill-gap. All around the world, our program attracts talent of diverse backgrounds: HR, marketing, engineering, software development, education, sales and many others.
Boost Your Work Culture
Millennial are bound to dominate our global workforce. Adapt your business to new trends and become millennial-friendly. Our partners have always loved the energy and flair that our interns bring to their workplace and contribute to a dynamic environment.

Our Process

Fill Job Description

Create your job description and sign a contract with your local AIESEC office.
Our local AIESEC representatives will then provide you with a shortlist based on your requirements within five business days.


Review and contact the best candidates for an interview and any other selection processes you wish to have. Make the final decision within two weeks on who will be the perfect candidates for your organisation. After your selection you will receive your first invoice.

Payment and Logistics

After your selection, we will then begin all the logistics - including visa processing, cultural induction and preparation. Visa processing will take 10 weeks from lodging all the documents.

Trainee Experience

We provide airport pickup, accommodation assistance, and we'll be there to show them on their first day of work. Once they start work, you will receive your second and final invoice.

From here, we'll work with you to ensure they're growing while contributing to your organisation. We deliver personal support, leadership development and feedback spaces between us, you and the young professional.

Why partner with AIESEC?

Our Network

Connect your company to a pool of over 100,000 bright young people from 120+ countries and position it as a first choice employer.

Our Talent

Bring language skills and regional insights through our trainees to help position your business internationally, and build great pipeline for future leadership roles.

Our Service

Benefit from our hassle-free and cost-effective service as all visa processes and logistical support to your company and trainees are provided by us.

Organisational Diversity and Effect

Positively influence your company's culture, easily access talented manpower for your projects and add add diverse perspectives into your organisation.

Collaborate on Youth Leadership Development

Take responsibility for youth leadership development by opening traineeship opportunities and working hand-in-hand with AIESEC.

Our Leaders

AIESEC engages young people who are seeking leadership development.

Partner with us to provide a challenging environment and practical experiences for young people to activate these four leadership qualities.

Myself & I:

  • Understands and lives personal values
    Focuses on strengths over weaknesses
    Explores one's passions

Me & others:
Empowering Others

  • Communicates effectively in diverse environments
  • Develops & empowers other people
  • Engages with others to achieve a bigger purpose

Me & the world:
World Citizen

  • Believes in their ability to make a difference in the world
    Interested in world issues
  • Enjoys taking responsibility for improving the world

Me & my actions:
Solution Oriented

  • Adapts and shows resilience in the face of challenges
  • Transmits positivity to move forward throughout uncertainty
    Takes risks when it's needed

“As a HR Solutions provider, Polyglot Group has had the opportunity to partner with AIESEC on numerous occasions in order to find international talent solutions that would help Australian organisations to source and retain young graduates within their international talent management programs. AIESEC is a great value to our HR & Payroll Outsourcing solutions, therefore definitely a must know organisation to all Australian HR practitioners.”

- Benoit Ribe, HR Solutions Manager, Polyglot Group

"We sought a young, dynamic international graduate to look after marketing and events within our organisation. The process was smooth and AIESEC took care of the visa documentation, accommodation, servicing. We would recommend the service to anyone because of how delighted we have been with not only AIESEC but also the wonderful new addition to our team."

- Lisa McAuley, Chief Executive Officer, Export Council of Australia

“The whole process of hiring them, getting them to manage while they’re over here was simple. AIESEC sorted out all their accommodation and visas so we didn’t have to worry about any of that. The interns showed up ready to work and became an important part of the team. Especially when you start to spread globally, you start to find every culture has its strengths. I’m a massive fan of diversity and would like to continue to grow that and hire more people through AIESEC.”

- Mike Casey, Founder, GradConnection

Our Programs




3 months to 12 months

Featured Cultural Backgrounds*

India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

Professional Background


Intern Payment





6 weeks to 12 weeks

Featured Cultural Backgrounds*

India, China, Sri Lanka, Singapore

Professional Background

Graduates and current students

Intern Payment


*Our network spans 120+ countries and we are able to source from many of these. However, we specialise in providing Asia capabilities.

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