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What I Regretted About My First Semester of Uni

Ah yes, first semester of uni. For me, like others, it was the start of a new chapter of my life. I had the ability to release myself from the “boring me” in high school. It was a time where I could become independent of routine, of teachers, of rules.


I had the ability to wake up at a later time - maybe 9am, maybe 12pm (depending on tutorials). I had the ability to make boundless new friends. I had the ability to pay $20 entry for uni parties.

This was the uni life I’d dreamt of - but I started to regret the choices I was making.


Yes, the Friday nights out were fun. Yes, the drinking could be cheap. Yes, I made a lot of “friends". By the end of first semester, I no longer craved the life of the party. I had the occasional “hi-bye” friends - those people you meet once, but your friendship doesn’t grow into anything meaningful. I realised my weekly nights out meant less time to stay on top of my course work. (Lol goodbye GPA)

"Who am I? I'm so lost."

"Why is university so not meaningful?"

"Omg, other people are so ambitious."

These were the thoughts running through my mind during the mid-year break.


I came to realise that university is so much more than the parties. It’s a time to connect with people, whether they're friends or acquaintances. I realised there were more ambitious students working towards their dream goal in their short 3 year degree.

In university, you start to understand who you are, and the goals you wish to achieve. University is the start of your path to self discovery, and a place to maximise your personal capabilities before stepping into the business world.


I don’t regret the choices I made, but I regret the time I wasted on socialising and not utilising all the tools university had to offer. Whether it was:

  • finding a part time job
  • learn a new language
  • taking on a short course
  • joining a club
  • participating in more team sports
  • volunteering on Friday nights for the homeless
  • spending that extra hour studying rather than messaging on Facebook

All of these could have helped me grow and learn faster.

When you start to realise the bore of lectures and tutorials can be filled with these other opportunities, you’ll start to appreciate university a lot more.

My biggest advice to anyone starting afresh? Don’t use excuses such as: I have no friends, lectures are boring, I’m not interested in my course. Don’t spend your time chilling at home watching shows or purely studying. Do go to university, join clubs you’re interested in, find a course you care about.


I assure you, you’ll enjoy university much more when you figure out that every experience you make will create a memory for you in the future.

Good luck!

Vivienne Zhu

Viv is constantly seeking adventure, whether it's a hike by herself, being bitten by monkeys or stuffing her face with food. While she's "always" on a diet and "living a healthy lifestyle", she's really not. But at the end of the day, all she wants to be - is happy.