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Top 5 Experiences in Thailand

Whether you’re in the midst of planning an exchange/trip overseas or just a uni student in need of an escape from the harsh reality that the semester is nearly ending, who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of travel inspired procrastination?

No doubt we’re heading into crunch time (for university students at least) and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably finding excuses to do anything other than studying.

… And usually this involves scouring travel blogs, investigating airfare sales and reminiscing over old travel pics. All while my bank looks like this:


Anyway, while I was reminiscing over my 16000+ photos on my phone (I DEFINITELY need to backup my phone soon), I came across photos from my recent trip to Thailand.

Scrolling through my photos I came to two realisations:

  1. I need to stop taking so many photos
  2. Thailand has so much to offer

And whilst I could ramble on forever about all the things you could do in Thailand, I am going to try narrow it down to 5 top experiences (+ a few more things I didn't get the chance to do while I was there).

1. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Just think coconuts, pad thais, ice cream and mango sticky rice. I am not kidding when I say I spent a solid few hours at Chatuchak Market solely eating. Although this bustling market in Bangkok is home to more than 8,000 market stalls ranging from clothing and furniture all the way to antiques, clearly I was more interested in the abundance of food stalls. Aside from all the food, Chatuchak market is a wonderful place to buy some souvenirs for friends and family.

2. Overnight Trains

If you’re seeking a cheaper alternative to flying between cities in Thailand, definitely consider taking an overnight train (~30 dollars). I ended up taking a overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and it was such a unique experience watching the seats on the train swiftly being folded into bunk beds by the train attendants. With an in train cafe, you definitely will be able to satiate those midnight cravings!  

3. Massages

Definitely no surprises with this one! It is true, massages in Thailand are cheap as chips… and definitely not like I thought. Foot massages, full body massages, authentic Thai massages and even fish spas! You cannot leave Thailand without indulging in a massage or 2 … or 50.

4. Food Stalls

One thing I absolutely love about Southeast Asia is all the authentic mobile food stalls by the sides of roads and Thailand is no exception. Near my Airbnb, there were a number of food stalls and one of the challenges of staying in a non touristy area is communicating and ordering food… and also knowing what you’re actually ordering. For me, that formed part of the excitement because sometimes I wouldn’t even know what breakfast was until it came to my table. Best part was that it was so cheap and I was able to try so many dishes I otherwise wouldn’t have.

5. Temples

Thailand has some of the most breathtaking architecture, evident in the numerous temples and palaces. One of the most memorable parts of my time in Thailand would have been when I rented a motorcycle and rode up a mountain (it had a paved road just to clarify) to visit Doi Suthep, a beautiful golden temple. Seeing these extravagant structures which have outlasted time reinforces the notion of Thailand having such rich and unique heritage.

There are no doubt so many more things I could add to my list -- even some things which I didn’t get to experience such as floating markets or the Grand Palace, but I had such an enjoyable time in Thailand and I hope all of you get to visit some day!

To find out more about how you can travel to Thailand and volunteer through AIESEC, click here

Isabelle Gao

You could call Isabelle a bit of an “adrenaline junkie”... crazy about epic roller coasters and insane bungee jumps. While that is true, she is a current University of Melbourne student, toughing out a 4 year course in Commerce and Japanese. There is nothing Isabelle would enjoy more than simply reading a good book while drinking a nice matcha latte.