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AIESEC and Me, Stories Untold

Wouldn’t it be reassuring knowing that there was something out there waiting for you? What if I told you all it took was one simple encounter? That encounter will then take you on a roller coaster of a journey that'll soon lead you to become a completely different person. This is the story of AIESEC and Julia, a not so typical fairy tale.

Once upon a time, there was Julia. She met AIESEC in 2017 who soon changed her life. When asked to describe AIESEC in a sentence, Julia summed it up simply as a wild ride.

Julia Phan, Vice President of Digital Marketing an Communications, AIESEC in UNSW

“To be honest, I didn't even apply, just appeared at the induction. I didn't expect anything other than just seeing for myself what this organisation was about, and why my friend was so obsessed with it.”

She started out as a marketing member and was completely mind-blown by all AIESEC stood for and how much learning she did. The culture soon became a part of her, from LCMs (Local Committee Meetings) to the famous Roll Calls, product knowledge and just bonding with her team. She soon found her love and passion for AIESEC and was overwhelmed with excitement to be able to contribute towards it.

Julia (first from the left, second row) and her team.

“AIESEC was like someone I had just met and was deeply attracted to though I didn't know why yet. Fast forward to state conference, I got my own answer as to why I was connected to AIESEC.”

As their relationship continued to blossom, Julia found herself in an amazing place. She had been surrounded by a talented, like-minded group of people who shared the same passion as her. Working together with them putting in all the time, energy and effort towards helping this global leadership movement was where she wanted to be.

Throughout her journey, Julia started out as just a member, and has now skyrocketed her way and become the Vice President of Digital Marketing of AIESEC in UNSW. Through AIESEC, she had achieved so much, mainly overcoming herself. Facing challenges were not the toughest part for her, but more so the attitude she showed towards them. AIESEC gave her the ability to reassure herself and trust in her abilities to take control over the outcomes of all the events in her life.

Julia on the far right with her Executive Board (UNSW) 2018-2019

If you want to have a story like Julia's, you have until January 30th to apply to this incredible organisation. 

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