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How Different University Life Has Been When Feeling Part Of Something Bigger

I remember joining AIESEC to fill up my days, not knowing where it would take me. Today, AIESEC offers me a variety of possibilities to continuously improve myself, in an environment where mistakes are more than tolerated. There are three main things that stand out of my AIESEC experience.


AIESEC gave me an opportunity to work with people of similar mindsets: self-motivated, devoted and ambitious. People who see further than their own needs and believe in something greater. In my experience, I have met people from all over the world including Indonesia, China, Malaysia, India and many more. They all taught me different things and uniquely impacted me with their stories. I have met members who turned into friends I could confess to in moments of doubt. I have liaised friendships with like-minded people, who have fostered my desire to explore new places and stress my comfort zone to something bigger, scarier but better. My team leader always told me: “No matter how challenging life gets, remember to stop once in a while and appreciate how far you have come.” There is more in AIESEC, more than weekly goals or numbers, it is an overall experience with the right people who care and support you from the beginning of your membership and beyond.


At AIESEC, your potential thrives on a daily basis with an opportunity to always aim for more. My experience has been a confidence booster, a period of self-teaching and boundaries-pushing. From a single marketing member at The University of Queensland (UQ) to participating in crafting newsletters for UQ, I am now a blogger on the national team, and all of it in a timeframe of four months. AIESEC has provided me with a chance to do what I love the most: writing. It gave me a platform to write but I never thought I would write for an international organisation of this scale, present in more than 120 countries. You never know how far you can go until you end up there. AIESEC has the right opportunities for you, only if you are willing to take them.


AIESEC is a source of motivation. From attending the weekly meetings with your local committee or the cultural events happening in your university, it gives you something to be inspired about. This whole experience will make you grow but most of all, it will make you feel valuable, in working towards something that matters. During my moments of doubts, AIESEC constantly reminded me of the significance of my commitment and gave me perspective on my daily battles. I had moments of struggle in achieving my weekly goals or managing my schedule, but the support of my local committee held me up. On the other hand, AIESEC easily became the reason why I was at uni by 8 am to attend marketing stalls or hang around uni until 9 pm because of local committee meetings. It supported me in my darkest times but challenged me in my brightest ones.  

The overall AIESEC experience works towards creating change, from your personal to the organisation level. It aspires to positively impact the community, but none of this would be feasible without the human support it requires. Going on exchange is one thing, but bringing these projects to life is only possible because of people like you, who want to create, generate ideas and impact. Obviously, you do not need these experiences to live a respectable life, but being recognized for your will to invest your time towards improving those of others, will not deprive you of living a decent life either.

I can't tell you how grateful I am to have crossed paths with AIESEC but I can tell you how this experience remarkably changed me.

UQ Local Committee (2018)
Ravahere Mervin

Ravahere has first joined AIESEC as a Marketing member at The University of Queensland in 2018 and is now a blogger for AIESEC in Australia. From Tahiti, she is about to move to Paris to study her Master in Public Relations. She also highly relies on iced caramel lattes.