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5 Blogs You Should Read If You Want To Make The World A Better Place

Have you ever taken that split moment of consideration whilst steps away from the recycling and landfill bins, holding up your nth coffee cup and thinking 'can I recycle this?'* If this is you, then you’re conscious that there are decisions which are mindful, and that our actions can have a ripple effect. But how can we start to notice these things more in our everyday, and how can we click the gears in our brain to make more conscious decisions to do good? This week, we curated five blogs which see the world’s problems through a solution-oriented lens.

5. Maria Nguyen 

Atlas of Mind | Eco-Fashion Advocate

Maria currently studies Primary Education and is a small-but-mighty advocate for sustainable practices. She believes that keeping a mindset for sustainability everyday is the key to playing your role in making the world better. Her blog Atlas of Mind is full of tips on eco-fashion and living minimally, exploring topics from why sustainable clothing matters and her DIY fashion refashions. She also wrote about her workshop at our Youth 4 Global Goals event in July this year. Fun fact: Maria recently came back from an amazing AIESEC exchange to Montenegro.

4. Caterina Sullivan

Global Goals Australia | Sustainable Practices and SDG Implementation

Working at the United Nations, Caterina realised that Australia needed more momentum in working toward the Sustainable Development Goals. She came home from the UN headquarters in New York with Global Goals Australia, which aims to integrate the SDGs on all levels of the community. In her blog she connects the dots between different SDGs and shares how you can incorporate sustainability in your future career path.

3. Jay Boolkin

Social Good Stuff | Social Entrepreneurship

Imagine doing charitable work for a social good, but in a way which is profitable and sustainable. The social enterprise saddles the two, leading to innovations which benefit lives and grow communities around the world (for great examples, check out Thank You, Barefoot College, and Grameen). Jay Boolkin has a spark for thinking inside and outside the box, and the box itself when it comes to social enterprises. Check out his blog Social Good Stuff to see why it’s such a good time to be an Australian social entrepreneur and tips to become successful at it.  

2. Jess Madsen

Seeds of Sustainability | Sustainable Travel, Environment

How big are our ecological footprints and what can we do to minimise them? Jess Madsen has a green thumb background in agricultural sciences, sowing seeds for a more sustainable future in travel, food production, and environmental conservation. If you’re thinking of travelling after semester’s over, Jess has some tips on how you can be a more conscientious traveller in her blog.

1. Andy Molinsky

Harvard Business Review | Emotional and Cultural

Whether you’re crossing borders for exchange or exchanging conversation with someone from across a border, Andy argues in his blog that there are emotional nuances which, if picked up, can serve to better understanding. Our world is becoming smaller through social networks and affordable travel and such cross-cultural understandings are still relevant today. Andy Molinsky is a Professor in Organisational Behaviour at Brandeis International Business School. He writes on lessons in leadership including emotional and cultural intelligence in his blogs.

*Short answer: recycle if it’s labelled biodegradable or recyclable. Better yet, invest in a reusable cup :) Find out why here.


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Daniel Chong

Daniel is an alumnus of AIESEC in Australia and a University of Sydney graduate. When he's not busy with work or cracking dad jokes, Daniel is usually strolling through an art gallery or thinking of cool things to do.