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Can Going Overseas Really Spark Your Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Traveling is wonderful thing, it gives the opportunity to see a new culture, try local food and meet interesting people. But beyond simply eating food and seeing sights, there are other ways travelling can spark the imagination - like a business idea. It is as simple as seeing a need that hasn't been fulfilled and finding a way to act on it. However with a new generation of online media the way to market and create new platforms has never been so accessible. So what do you need to know on how to be an entrepreneur? Or some success stories? Why does thinking globally matter?


“The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

- Mark Zuckerberg

Thinking global or staying local?

Overseas business ventures are nothing new, large corporations start with a small idea and grow to the possibility of having global aspirations. But sometimes without even thinking about where an idea could take you, it might have come about from simply observing an experience, identifying a need and finding a way to solve it. A lot of successful ideas may have been uncertain about their prospects, but when taking a risk can drive the outcome. As with choosing your playing field, whether it is your city or the wider world.

To see where things could end up, These are just few stories that created something out of nothing.

Other cultures can stimulate habits

In 1971 the very first Starbucks opened up in Seattle's Pike Place Market, it became an instant destination for world class coffee beans. Although it wasn't until Howard Schultz joined the team and Starbucks became the powerhouse that it is today. After travelling to Italy, Schultz became captivated with Italian coffee bars and the romance of the coffee social experience. Applying this existing retailers, there are now 21000 stores in 65 countries and it’s become one of the world's most successful companies.

Can wanderlust intrigue and spark Imagination?

Tony and Maureen Wheeler met on their travels, and after a year they were married. Through their excitement they tried crossing Europe and Asia all the way into Australia. Though they were broke for most of the way, being thrifty and borrowing money along the way became normal. They realised there was a market of travelling for the money conscious and as a result they created their very first travel guide detailing how to cross Asia on the cheap, a series of guides on where to eat, stay, and what to do. Shifting forward to now the Lonely Planet series of travel guides is a worldwide phenomena for the traveller.

Can you turn the experience of meeting other overseas into a planner?

A local example based in Australia, is an application that takes the very nature of “meeting people overseas” and creating an application and hub. After extensive travels, Ryan and Mark noticed there was no efficient way for travelers to connect with other travelers when they arrived at a destination. They took this idea, creating a social media app that connects these parties before a trip even begins.

The Entrepreneurial spirit?

It doesn't have to be  a single idea, it could be a number of things that build up towards something larger. Great ideas were not made overnight, they might have been conceived lover a few beverages with friends, or on a napkin at a restaurant. They had time to grow, but that's what makes starting a business so interesting. Especially in this day and age, where it is so easy to promote over media online the spirit can be freed. These days anyone and everyone can call themselves an entrepreneur, that's why there are so many start ups, but you don't have to be a success to call yourself one. As long as there is mindset to be more that can easily be enough. Normal people can elevate themselves to something more endearing.

Act. Learn. Build. Repeat

The final step is all about consistency. Finding the desire and discovering a way to capitalise on, learn from taking this one step and continue to learn till it begin build. Even once the end might have been reached, repeat the whole process until it continues to grow, there may be an endpoint in sight, but this can get you there.

Rethink reality

Broadening horizons and most importantly stepping out of your comfort zone! Choosing to live a life that is not so ordinary. Keeping hold of the most important aspects of really doing anything whether it is making business or just passing through life, be passionate, optimistic, keep possibilities open, take risks and execute those promises you made to yourself. So get excited, with so many ways to do anything and be anyone, now has never been a better time to be creative.


So what are you waiting for?

Timothy Lamb

In a lot of ways you could Tim as a master of intrigue and randomness, always looking for curiosity, this has brought him around the world in a quest for enlightenment and change through youth leadership. He is currently an aspiring architecture student, with a great interest of how the built form can create a culture, for the people and simultaneously be apart of a environment in flux. When he is not drinking rum and smoking cigars in cuba, Eating spiders in vietnam or getting trapped in cow traffic jams in india, he now writes articles with the same humour as the jokes you find out of a Christmas bob-bon.