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8 Things to do After Finishing Exams

Ah yes it’s that time of year again…

There are only 7 I repeat, 7 Fridays until Christmas!!!

Okay, I’m joking… probably a little too soon for the Christmas anticipation but at this point I am open to using any means possible to momentarily forget about all the exams I need to study for - *proceeds to binge watch some tv shows*

Me while studying

I’m guessing most of you are currently in your exam periods - some of you may have already finished all your exams and assessments (LUCKY), some of you may have just begun (GOOD LUCK) and some of you are halfway there (HANG IN THERE). It is definitely an intense period for all of us… and if you’re anything like me, this period is full of coffee, cramming and late nights (when will I ever learn?).

However, it’s also a very exciting time because once we finish our exams, we’ll have the whole summer ahead of us to enjoy! We’re so close to the light at the end of the tunnel and there are so many exciting ways we can make the most of this summer. Below are a few ideas and inspiration you can use to make your own summer bucket list!

Go to the beach!

Summer is coming !! (Although it is taking a painfully long time down here in Melbourne… 😒) When the weather picks up, grab a group of friends and head to the beach to soak up the sun and relax.

Catch up with friends and family

When everyone is busy juggling their own commitments, it's easy to get caught up in it all and forget to make time for friends and family (even when you’re still living at home). Plan a get together with your friends, have a nice family dinner or just grab a coffee with an old friend to wind down after all the stresses of the semester.

Go on an impromptu holiday/day trip

Who doesn’t love a spontaneous getaway? Grab a few friends, your suitcase and hop on a plane to anywhere! Alright … this idea may not be that simple and if your wallet is screaming like mine, than it may not be entirely realistic either. But you definitely don’t have to go overseas to have fun! Going on a roadtrip with a few friends can be just as enjoyable (and much much cheaper!). Explore a part of your state/territory you haven’t been to before and make some wonderful memories.

Pick up an old hobby

Whether it be sports, musical instruments, volunteering or photography, many of our hobbies are often neglected during the semester, struggling to make an appearance in our busy schedules. After exams is the best time to revisit these hobbies and have some “me-time”.

Hit up some markets and festivals

Along with the summer season, comes a lot of exciting night markets and festivals. Do some research online and find a few markets or festivals that interest you. There’ll be something to suit everyone!

Take an arts/craft workshop

These days there are so many classes and workshops out there - from terrarium making all the way to jewellery making. Why not try something new this summer?

Try out that restaurant/bar you’ve been dying to try

I’m sure some of you have been adding to your food/drink bucket list and with so many new trendy restaurants and bars popping up, it is finally time to see what all the fuss is about!

Go on an AIESEC exchange

I was able to make the most of my summer by going on an AIESEC exchange to Vietnam

It’s not too late to sign up for a meaningful and life changing opportunity abroad with AIESEC. How does Vietnam sound? Or maybe Thailand or Taiwan? You can still make the most out of your summer!

Isabelle Gao

You could call Isabelle a bit of an “adrenaline junkie”... crazy about epic roller coasters and insane bungee jumps. While that is true, she is a current University of Melbourne student, toughing out a 4 year course in Commerce and Japanese. There is nothing Isabelle would enjoy more than simply reading a good book while drinking a nice matcha latte.