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Stories of AIESEC in Australia

Top 5 Southeast Asian Food Experiences You Need to Try!

Southeast Asia - home to some of the most amazing and flavoursome dishes in the world

12 Foods You Need To Try In Taiwan

Taiwan has mastered the form of street art in the culinary sphere, known for its big range of delicious small eats. Here are some of the foods you must not miss if you're travelling to the sweet potato shaped island.

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel When You're Young

For starters, you probably won’t have time to travel as much after you’ve graduated and you're doing the full 9-5 job with 20 days leave.

5 Ways Hiring Millennials Can Transform Your Start-Up

The value of Millennials and how hiring them can transform your start-up.

Can Going Overseas Really Spark Your Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Traveling is wonderful thing, it gives the opportunity to see a new culture, try local food and meet interesting people. But beyond simply eating food and seeing sights, there are other ways travelling can spark the imagination - like a business idea.

Unexpected People You Meet Overseas

You never know when a random conversation with a yogi on a bus (in India) leads you to an invitation to their house three hours later. Or booking the same taxi driver three times.

Another List of Tips About Travelling….Only Without The Mandatory Selfie

‍So you finally did it, made that choice to go overseas on exchange. Before you go, here are few ways to take this opportunity and get the most out of it.

How To Find A Project You're Passionate About

When you're looking for a volunteer or internship opportuntiy, find something that aligns with you. Don't choose any random project which seems "easy", instead, challenge yourself and do something you love.

What I Regretted About My First Semester of Uni

Already feeling the stress of returning to university, I reflected on my first semester regrets, and things that held me back.

The Struggles of Returning from Exchange

Whether we travel to lose ourselves or travel to find ourselves, there are always mixed feelings when returning home from exchange.

Women’s Rights: The ‘Right’ Way

When I was younger, I thought geography alone would create similar views and values in different countries for issues such as gender equality. It wasn’t until I spent two months in Colombia on an AIESEC exchange that I realised how wrong I could be.

Women In Leadership - What Can We Do?

This International Women's Day, Monica Luo, CEO of AIESEC in Australia, reflects on women in leadership and what we can do as youth to break the glass ceiling.

How to Live Like a Local in Vietnam

Spending almost 2 months in Vietnam meant that I could go beyond just being a tourist, allowing me to live like a local. It was these moments which helped me learn the most about the country in its purest and most raw form.

Behind the Scenes of an AIESEC Exchange

Find out what are the most satisfying things when being mentor in facilitating exchanges in AIESEC

How We All Ended Up Joining the Largest Youth Run Organisation in the World

When I first found out that AIESEC in Melbourne was recruiting, it was 3 hours before the application was due. Realising that my first semester of University practically only consisted of eating, sleeping, and classes, I decided to apply with the mentality of enriching my university experience.

5 Ways to Get Ahead in Uni

With uni just around the corner how will you make your mark in 2017 and get ahead of the game? Let's explore 5 ways you can follow to start the semester off with a bang, and to keep your head in the game as you venture deeper through the weeks. Quick fixes either don't last or don't work, so how can you become more disciplined, organised, and successful?

What it’s Like to be Part of the Largest Youth Run Organisation in the World

When I first joined AIESEC, I had no idea that I was joining something so much bigger than myself. What I thought would be “just another uni club” turned out to be an organisation present in over 124 different countries and territories. Aside from being overwhelmed, I guess it was pretty cool to be able to say that I was a part of the largest youth run organisation in the world.

Making a (Lunar) New Year’s Resolution that Counts

New year, new me... Lunar New Year's Resolutions count too, right?

NSW YouthSpeak Forum 2016 Report

The NSW YouthSpeak Forum 2016 occurred on the 12th of August attended by an enthusiastic crowd of 70 individuals, curious as to how they could create purposeful action within their lives and the communities around them. It was an afternoon of engagement and collaboration between delegates and professionals, which would hopefully inspire the current “Generation of Purpose” to find their destiny, their purpose.

Why Volunteering Overseas After My Exams Was The Best Decision Of My Life

Every summer comes with the dilemma of what I should do over the break... work? study? travel?

Why you should only spend your money on experiences

You're not paying for a plane ticket, accommodation or travel insurance. What you're really paying for is an adventure in a country you don't know. Because as cheesy as it sounds - experiences are priceless. And they will add more value to your life more than anything else can.

How Exchange Changed The Way I See The World (And Myself)

At the end of the day, it’s all because of this experience that truly recognised that the way I think, the decisions I make, and the actions I take, are all choices I make. My life really is all about calling and making my own shots.

Three things I learnt about working in a team from six different countries

One of the things that I was really excited were the colleagues that I would be working with at my international working placement. This was the first time that I've truly seen so many cultures work together for an extended period of time. It's safe to say that I was never bored and was in an environment of continuous learning. Here are three of my learnings during my three months working in this diverse team.

Conquering my fears: From Sydney to Taipei

I had long convinced myself that I couldn't spend six weeks in a foreign country, that it would be too much for me. But one decision changed my whole outlook and allowed me to transform that fear into something incredible.

How I convinced my parents to let me go on exchange

Before my exchange, I didn't realise that convincing my parents would be one of the toughest things I had to do. Here are the five things I told my parents to convince them to let me volunteer abroad with AIESEC.

Preparing for the workforce: 3 tips to make the most out of your practical experiences

Moving in the workforce, it’s clear that practical experience is not just a bonus to the resume, but a necessity to help you thrive. But with so many opportunities out there, the biggest question becomes: How do I make sure I’m choosing the right experiences and making the most out of it?

Four tips to help you get approved!

Looks like you’ve applied to projects already, that’s awesome! Did you know October is the month most of our participants get approved for their summer projects? To increase your chance of being approved, here’s some helpful tips!

Education is powerful, but not in a way I expected

My experience in Vietnam opened my eyes to a whole new perspective about the role of education in social progress. To me now, Mr Mandela’s statement remains as relevant and meaningful as ever before.