• The Global Talent programme allows young people to put their skills into practice by working in professional, international workplaces as well as develop themselves professionally and personally by gaining practical skills and experiencing new cultures.

    Global Talent Internships range from 3 to 18 months and the requirements for each internship varies depending on the field.

Featured Opportunities

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    Global Talent: Teaching

    Gain communication and cross-cultural skills by teaching in formal educational institutions. Develop a global perspective and improve the lives of many others through our teaching internships.

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    Global Talent: Marketing

    Develop career relevant skills by doing marketing projects, social media management and market research with companies and start-ups abroad via our marketing internships.

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    Global Talent: Information Technology

    Gain invaluable experience in information technology by working for a company doing project management, web development, and software or app development.

Why Global Talent?

The world is changing rapidly and having international work experience is more relevant than ever before, especially for young Australians.

  • Competitive Edge

    Experience intense personal and professional development on a Global Talent internship. Acquire real-world leadership skills such as communication, critical thinking and adaptability in a challenging cultural environment, which will be important for employers in your future career.

  • Think Globally

    Globalization is ranked as one of the top barriers to Australian competitiveness by the Australian Chamber of Commerce. By developing a better understanding of our globalized world, you will be ahead of the game and be highly valued by Australian employers.

  • Impact Society

    Contribute to a company or organization abroad through a Global Talent internship to directly improve the lives of the community.


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